Two days of work and co-creation, an uninterrupted 30-hour marathon from March Thursday the 10th to Friday the 11th taking place in the premises of the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science. The Hackathon is an American format (mix between hacker and marathon) in which different work teams challenge themselves to a software programming marathon.

The Hackathon is a 30 hours of continuous programming marked by innovative ideas about modern technologies. It asks to young developers to challenge themselves for developing, testing and validating their applications with expert help from the University of Trento and Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK). The participants, organized in separated work groups, were provided with hardware equipment for experimenting and carrying out their ideas to create solutions to the proposed problems reviewed by a jury at the end of the two days.

Winning teams

Progetto Piede

Enrico Marcantoni, Luca Galasso, Silvio Biasiol
Topic on Health

Progetto SmartDocs

Pietro Rosatti, Isacco Rossi, Andrea Leone
Topic on Health

21 young passionate participants attended the marathon, using their talents and development creativity they strived to comply with the three topics provided at the start of the competition. They were tasked to find effective and simple solutions for real current problems, like the obtaining and classifying data related to the medical or alimentary habits or the management of news coming in from diverse web sources.

Following the details of the three proposed challenges.

Topic on Alimentary habits

One of the biggest problems in systems tracking diet is the difficulty of keeping constant the time of entering information about the own alimentary habits; mainly because entering this information daily becomes, over the long term, boring. The participants were asked to find an innovative way that prevented the losing of motivation over using the technologic tool for tracking and managing the person’s own diet over long periods of time. Particular attention was to be given to the interaction with the tool over its accuracy, such that its use was simple and engaging in order to be used for a long time.

Topic on Health

Among the numerous solutions to track the quantitative parameters related to health and the person’s own wellbeing, the participants were asked to pay attention to how should this data is collected and managed. Possibly integrating this data with the ones being collected from existing applications and wearable devices.

Topic on Non-profit association

These organizations normally use comunication tools that reach those that already know about them (social networks, web sites, newsletter). The participants were asked to propose an innovative solution to provide a tool, as automated as possible, that makes easier for these no-profit associations to add an event (for example adding already existing information) and appealing presentation of such events to introduce to a wider audience.